Metallurgical products

Metallurgical minerals is the heart of manufacturing and industrialization. As day goes by, the need for these minerals increases as their needs and contributions to human lives increases. Recently, lithium has become the new gold, and the list goes on. Our metallurgical minerals products includes Lithium ore, Amblygonite, Sodumene, bauxite, coal, iron ore, tantalite, titanium


Icorp Global aims at providing more commercial business presence online. It is one of our utmost desires to create more commercial business presence online. This we believe, will save time as well as promote quality; making life easier for people and at the same time giving customers value for their money. We identify and explore

Agricultural products

We are particular about Agriculture because we believe in the impact of agriculture in people’s lives and the world economy. Hence we trade on agricultural products such as palm oil, Palm kernel, palm kernel shells, maize, millet, cocoa etcetera.

Who we are

At Icorp Global Partners,we explore African business, spotting and creating prosperous business opportunities. Our basic goal is to create value and provide solutions where needed. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our vision. Taking into consideration the bottlenecks that befall businesses across the world especially Africa, we make sure we pay attention to details,evaluate challenges,create scalable businesses, and offer the best of service. Our portfolio includes real estate, e-commerce, commodity, Transportation,IT, and media.

We are here because of you. We are always ready to attend to your needs. If you want to buy our products, or partner with us in any dimension, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of representatives are very responsive and will patiently attend to all your inquiries hands-on.